Remington S9950 Hair Straightener Review

Remington Shine Therapy Straightener Review

When you have damaged hair, it seems like the last thing you should do is pass the flat iron through it. It’s already in bad shape as it is, so how could you subject it to even more torture like this?

But as you are saying this, you are passing in front of the mirror – and are horrified by the way your hair looks.

You want to straighten your hair and make it look good again – but at the same time, you’re afraid you are going to burn whatever life was left in it.

Fortunately for you, flat iron manufacturers caught on to this fear – and you now have devices such as the Remington S9950 Shine Therapy that was created to fix your hair.

Introducing the S9950 Shine Therapy by Remington

Yes, you read that right; a flat iron that will heal your hair rather than destroy it. How is that possible, you may ask? Well, the technique behind it is rather simple: when your hair is damaged, it needs a lot of nurturing to be brought back in good shape.


This is why Remington came up with a hair straighter whose plates have been previously improved with avocado (to strengthen your hair) and conditioners. These will prevent the moisture to seep out from the hair and will also stop any damage to the cuticles.

Shine Therapy is the perfect option for those who have fine hair since the temperature can be set well under 350 degrees.

Furthermore, if you have thick hair, you can kick the heat up to 430 degrees, and it will get the job done flawlessly.

Here are the overall features that come with this hair straightener:


  • Ceramic plates that have been infused with avocado, vitamin E, and conditioners so that you no longer need further styling products
  • Automatic shut-off feature that turns off the device after one hour
  • Digital temperature control equipped with a lock so that accidental changes are prevented
  •  A wide range of heat settings that can go up to a maximum of 43 degrees
  • ​Salon-length swivel cord that allows for a lot of maneuverability

This is a hair straightener that was meant to fix, not to damage. Even split ends will be brought and fused together during the straightening process, making your hair look all nice and healthy again.

The Results

At first, I was skeptical when I heard about a flat iron that heals your hair.” I may have believed it more if it said “It prevents further damage,” but despite my skepticism, I decided to buy it. I didn’t regret my decision.

Let’s make things clear from the start: I have very coarse hair that was damaged over continuous dyeing sessions and styled with a cheap metal hair straightener.

In order to somehow heal my hair, I decided to quit dyeing it and also used my hair straightener less (only kept it in case of an emergency).

However, as I noticed, those “emergencies” were becoming very frequent, and before I knew it, I was using it almost daily again.


In an attempt to somehow minimize the damage, I listened to my hairstylist’s advice to buy a higher quality hair straightener. A few days later I had the Remington in my hand.

If you weren’t one to pay attention to small details, this would probably look like the average hair straightener. But I noticed a lot of differences: my hair has a particular shine now, it’s smooth, and my ends no longer seem to be sticking out.

Granted, I know they aren’t completely “healed;” the only good way to get rid of split ends is with a pair of scissors.

However, this one seems like it “glues” the ends together (I’m pretty sure the avocado and conditioners are doing that). They’re still there, I know, but at least it no longer looks like my hair just went through a fight with a flamethrower.

What Everyone Says

A lot of people compliment this hair straightener for its ability to actually straighten your hair. African-American women wrote a lot of reviews that I've read, and all of them loved the fact that it did not leave their hair all crispy and stiff.

Some did complain, however, about the temperature being too hot for those who have fine hair. This product may work for normal, damaged hair, but if your hair is also fine, you might cause more harm than good.

What We Liked

I liked the fact that my hair felt all nice and smooth after using this hair straightener – something like bathing it in leave-in hair conditioner, but without it feeling all oily and icky. It felt nice to the touch.

Moreover, I liked how my ends looked after I got the job done. The conditioners did a good job in “fixing,” my hair, so it can now survive a few good months before I pay another visit to my hairstylist.


What We Didn’t Like

It did feel a bit hot while I held it, and I’m pretty sure that if I’m not careful enough, I might get burned from the body. The lowest temperature is also not that low (over 300), so if you have super-fine hair, it might get really troublesome.

Buying Advice

For a little under $170, this can be found in many stores that sell hair styling devices, including the online Amazon. The product comes with a 4-year warranty and free shipping, which I find very convenient if you live in areas far away from the seller.

Final Thoughts

This is a great buy if you have normal to dry and damaged hair. I’d be careful if your hair is also very fine (like it would get after many sessions of bleaching), but other than that, it will definitely leave your hair feeling nice, smooth, and most importantly, straight.

This flat iron is one of great value for women with brittle hair, and I’d definitely recommend it to anyone asking me for advice.

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