Karmin G3 Hair Straightener Review

Karmin G3 Salon Professional Ceramic Flat Iron Review

Have you ever had that feeling that your hair straightener simply isn’t cooperating with you? Many things can happen; your hair can be left too thin, you may have no volume, or it simply looks like each hairstyle is bringing your hair one step closer to the graveyard.

Can you have hair like all those Hollywood actresses have, looking smooth and shiny while still looking alive? Karmin tells you that you can – as long as you use the G3. Let’s see what this professional salon hair straightener can do for you.

Introducing The Karmin G3 Hair Straightener

The G3 is a smart budget solution for those wanting to get that professional salon hairstyle – without actually murdering a week’s worth of salary on it.

This 11-inch long hair straightener is the perfect thing to carry with you in a purse or a travel bag, and you can safely put it on the provided heat mat each time you are using it.


One special aspect of the Karmin G3 is that it does not leave your hair frizzy and dry – like most flat irons on the market do. Since the plates are made completely with tourmaline technology, it will allow your hair to seal its natural oils within, preventing that feeling of dryness.

The temperature control is perfect for every type of hair – no matter if it’s very fine or very thick. With the minimum being 250 degrees and the maximum going at 460, you can adjust it for yourself according to the sensitivity of your hair.

Unlike most hair straighteners, this one doesn’t allow any “slipping” incidents. Due to its anti-slip edges, the device is comfortable to hold, and it offers you a very relaxed grip.

The straightener also has a 3-meter cord that allows you a lot of freedom of movement. Therefore, now you don’t have to worry if your power source is away from the mirror.

Overall, here is a list of the features provided by the Karmin G3:


  • It has 100% ceramic plates with tourmaline technology that give off negative ions and help lock your hair’s natural oils.
  • It features infrared heat technology that heats the hair from the inside, preventing damage.
  •  3-meter swivel cord that allows better maneuverability
  •  Ergonomic design that allows it to be used as a curling tool
  •  LED lights that announce you when the tool is ready for use
  • ​· Temperature setting that can go between 250 and 460 degrees Fahrenheit
  • It has automatic shut-off feature that kicks in after one hour of inactivity
  • The dual voltage system allows it to be used in any part of the world
  • It comes with flash heating system, thanks to the tourmaline technology.

Overall, the Karmin G3 seems to be a sound choice for anyone looking for efficiency. It’s quick, it does its job right, and it doesn’t let your hair end up looking like a burned mess once everything is done with.

The Results

After using a cheap flat iron for a long time, I took my hairdresser’s advice and bought a professional hair straightener – one that won’t act like slow poison on my hair.

I’ve read review after review and eventually came across the Karmin G3, which seemed to have everything I needed.

First things first, I loved the temperature setting of this device. It heats up right away, and in about 10 minutes my hair is done – no matter if I want it curled or straight.


The swivel cord allows me to move around easily and doesn’t confine me to the outlet. It does tend to get tangled, and it will pull the device down if you don’t place it carefully on the mat – but thankfully, the straightener is also shock-proof.

Last but not least, the results; I can’t stop putting my hands through my hair! Once the styling process is done, my hair feels soft, and by no means frizzy and dry.

What Other People Say

Many people compliment this straightener for its ability to make beautiful curls, but also for the fact that it’s suitable for every hair type. This is especially convenient if you have thick, curly hair and your sister has fine, bleached hair, for instance. All you have to do is adjust it before every use.

What We Liked

I especially liked the ceramic-tourmaline plates and the way they left my hair. It was like it “sealed” my split ends, making my hair look once more healthy and shiny – like that of a TV star.

I also liked the fact that I can use it as a curling iron. This is not only a space-saver but a money-saver as well.

What We Didn’t Like

They say that the swivel cord is tangle-free, but it’s not really. I occasionally have to work through the tangles – which can be pretty numerous on a 3-meter cord.


Buying Advice

This hair straightener is available for purchase on many professional hair styling websites, but for a little under $149, you can also find it on Amazon – where you’ll also get free shipping.

The product has a 3-year warranty, and if it malfunctions within that time span, you’re entitled to return or replacement.

Final Thoughts

The Karmin G3 is a good product for those looking for efficiency and versatility. The little things really mattered: the LED that blinked red when the tool was all heated, the flash heating system, the temperature setting – everything convinced me that this product is worth buying it.

I used to be a person that did not care what tool I used on my hair; now I would no longer go back to those cheap things that would not even have a temperature setting button.

If anyone ever asked me for advice on a good hair styling tool, I would definitely recommend the Karmin G3. It’s perfect for anyone, regardless of their hair type.

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