Grow Hair Long and Healthy

Grow Hair Long and Healthy

HGrow Hair Long and Healthyair typically grows about half inch every month. If you want to grow long and healthy hair,  try a few of these tips to help you grow long, healthy, shiny hair and in a quick period of time.

Tip #1 Healthy Diet

If your diet has lots of high fat and greasy food, you should immediately think of making some amends to get a healthy dietary system, to help the hair grow long. Keep a healthy diet with vegetables, fruits, apart from low fat dairy products from which you can obtain calcium and you should start taking lean-meat like chicken, fish or turkey.

Tip #2: Take Care of Hair

To have long and healthy hair, you should take care of it. Use a good quality shampoo and a moisturizing conditioner, along with a  leave-in conditioning agent. Do not brush the wet hair; instead use a wide toothed comb. Use heat protection products when you blow dry, curl or flat irons your hair.

Tip #3 Trim Regularly

Have your hair refreshed with a haircut every two or three months, or even earlier and more frequently if you are using hot styling tools.

Tip #4 Get Hair Extensions

Instead of letting the hair grow longer, you can opt for extensions of hair. To help give you a feeling of temporarily having long hair, the clip-in hair extensions are very useful. These need no attention, which you give to real hair, since you may not be wearing them daily.

By following these tips, you can grow your hair long and healthy and that too in a quick period of time.

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