Bio Ionic OnePass Straightening Iron Review

Bio Ionic OnePass Straightening Iron Review

Every girl knows the struggle of a bad hair day. There’s nothing worse than waking up and looking into the mirror only to realize that your hair is sticking in every direction possible (and impossible).

In that state of desperation, you grab the first styling tool you can get your hands on – a curler, a hair straightener, whatever else you can find.

But is damaging your hair strands worth the effort of styling your hair just for one day? Also, straightening your hair takes time; what do you do if you are in a hurry?

That’s simple: you buy a straightener that can fix your hairstyle fast without killing your hair in the meantime. No, we’re not talking about unicorns; we’re talking about the Bio Ionic OnePass straightening iron.

Introducing The Bio Ionic OnePass Straightener

No one likes unruly hair. It’s a pain to deal with, and it ruins our entire look. We may have flawless makeup on, but if our hair keeps sticking up as if we just got out of a pillow fight, we won’t be taken seriously.

But time is money, and nobody has a lot of time to spend on their image – especially in the morning, when every minute counts.

That’s why the OnePass seems to be such a convenient option. With its nano-ceramic plates, all you will need to get a flawless hairstyle is literally one pass over the hair lock.

Bio Ionic OnePass Straightening

This flat iron will smoothen and straighten your hair, making it look all nice, sexy, and professional.

What differentiates this straightener from the other ones of its kind is the fact that it has silicone strips on the plates. Not only will this make your hair silky-smooth, but it will also help keep the moisture in the hair.

Furthermore, the silicone heats faster than regular ceramic, making this the fastest-heating hot iron.

One more aspect about this hair straightener is that, unlike most hair straighteners that use ionic technology, this one uses far infrared technology. This means that the hair is heated from the inside, ensuring a longer-lasting hairdo and far less damage to the hair cuticles.

Here’s a summary of the provided features:


  • It works on far infrared technology
  • ·The nano-ionic build allows for a deeper penetration of the heat in the hair
  • Plates fused with minerals for protection of both the hair and the device
  • Lightweight and easy to handle
  •  Inbuilt silicone speed strips, making it the fastest flat iron ever​
  • Multilevel heat controller

Seeing all the specifications, it’s no wonder why many people consider this to be the best hair straightener you can get for your hair.

The Results

Considering that time is a problem for me, I wanted something that could get my hair done fast in the morning without much of a hassle.

I’ve had hair straighteners bought for a low price at the corner store, and it would take me almost 30 minutes to straighten all my hair (my hair is long and thick, but also moderately wavy).

When I first put this to the test, I expected the need to pass it through the same strand at least two or three times – like I had to do with my current one.

Imagine my surprise when I realized I only had to pass it once to get that silky straight lock. In the end, instead of spending half an hour on the curling time, it only took roughly a bit over 15 minutes.

I didn’t notice my hair getting damaged like it would with my previous hair straightener. Granted, I do use a heat protection serum each time I style it, but I could still notice a difference.

It didn’t flatten or thin my hair either, so I can say I’m rather happy with its performance.

What Other People Say

What I’ve noticed from reading various customer reviews is the fact that many people rely on its efficiency to straighten your hair promptly. A lot of people with coarse hair use it because it makes their hair look shiny and smooth – making it look overall healthy.

I’ve seen people complain, however, about the “one pass” issue. Apparently, if you prep it with a hair product, you’ll need the “one pass.” If you don’t, however, it becomes a “two-pass” or “three-pass.”

What We Liked

I liked the fact that it heats up very fast. In the morning, I simply plug it in, throw some clothes on, and then return to find it all nice and heated.

I also like that it smoothens frizzy hair – which I sometimes end up with during the summer.

What We Didn’t Like

While the silicone strip is convenient when it comes to time-efficiency, it takes a lot of maintenance. It attracts a lot of dirt, and I have to give it a thorough cleaning more often than I would with my old hair straightener.

BioIonic One Pass StraighteningIron

Buying Advice

You can buy this hair straightener online from various places, including the producer’s website. What I recommend, however, is that you can go on Amazon, where you can find it for a little under $100.

That price includes free shipping and the product warranty. Plus, from my experience with Amazon, I know that some prior researching can land you some very nice discounts. You either have to wait for them or ask the sellers about any coupon codes.

Final Thoughts

If someone asked me for advice on a good hair straightener, I’d definitely recommend the OnePass. After using it for a while, I know now that I wouldn’t be able to return to my old hair straightener; it just wouldn’t be fair for my hair.

The OnePass is quick, efficient, and really makes my hair shine. I no longer leave the house looking like I slept under the bed, and I don’t waste time on styling my hair every morning. Now I use that time to either catch some extra shut-eye or to enjoy my morning coffee.

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