Best Way to Keep Your Hair Straight Overnight

Click here to learn the various ways you can keep your hair straight overnight.

Straightening your hair the night before and waking up with straight hair usually doesn’t happen often, but that doesn’t mean that it can’t happen. Here are some tips to keep your hair straight overnight:

1.    Do Not Wear Hairbands

Tying your hair with a hairband can leave dents in your hair.

2.    Use Dry Shampoo

Spritz your hair with dry shampoo before going to bed. Dry shampoo will absorb sweat and extra oil while you sleep.

3.    Use a Hair Oil

Apply a few pumps of lightweight hair oil on your hair. Hair oil nourishes your hair and reduces frizz.

4.    Wrap Your Hair Around Your Head

To wrap your hair around your head, comb your hair to one side and sweep it all the way around and secure it with bobby pins.

5.    Deep Condition Your Hair

Deep condition your hair to lock in its moisture, which will help straighten it. Wash your hair and squeeze out extra moisture. Use the deep conditioning product, massaging from roots to tips. Use a wide tooth comb to comb your hair and then a finer tooth comb to smoothen it. Wrap your hair around your head.

6.    Wear a Silk Scarf

Silk scarf keeps your hair wrapped around your head and reduces frizz.

7.    Wear Extra Large Rollers

Large rollers will not dent your hair and bend to form curls. Place them on top of your head, so you can rest your head on your pillow.

If you want to keep your hair straight overnight, use these techniques to wake up with straight hair each day.


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