Ultimate Guide To Buying The Best Hair Straightener

Ultimate Guide To Buying The Best Hair Straightener

It’s a proven fact that the average person doesn’t spend a lot of money on expensive stuff. However, sometimes you just have to bend the knee and accept the fact that paying the extra buck might bring you something better.

However, considering that there are so many options, it’s not easy to pick out the best hair straightener. This buying guide, however, is here to make easier for you.

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Why Should You Choose A Hair Straightener Carefully?

The answer for that is relatively simple: a woman’s hair is her treasure. If her hair doesn’t look right, it ruins her entire image.

However, no amount of styling will be able to repair the damage you brought with that cheap metal hair straightener you bought from the convenience store.

One session of styling with that one and your pretty, freshly-cut ends will look like they haven’t been trimmed in months.

Choosing the best type of hair straightener will ensure that little damage will occur to your hair. We say “little” because let’s face it: some damage will occur. The only difference will be the extent of that damage.

And choosing the right hair straightener with the right plates, the right technology, and right temperatures for your hair type may save you a lot of frequent haircuts.

Things To Pay Attention To When Choosing A Hair Straightener

The best straightener needs a lot of attention. You can’t afford not to be selective since it takes time for damaged hair to grow back. There are many things you need to consider, some of them being.

Hair Texture

Hair texture is crucial when it comes to choosing a hair straightener. For instance, if you have thick hair, you will need a straightener that can reach up to higher temperatures.

On the opposite end, if you have fine hair, you need something that has low settings – at least 350 degrees.

You may want to look for a digital flat iron that allows you to adjust the temperature rather than going for one with just one temperature. This way, you can change the setting the way you want and see for yourself which temperature works best for you.

Buying The Best Hair Straightener

Plate Material

One of the most important things that you need to pay attention to is the plate material. First of all, you will want to avoid glass and cheap metal plate materials.

Yes, they’re cheap; and yes, they will get the job done – but they’ll ruin your hair while you’re at it as well.

A fast hair straightener should have plates that are ceramic (or at least have a ceramic coating), tourmaline, titanium, or silicone.

The most popular ones are the ceramic plates, for their ability to heat up fast and straightening your hair without causing too much damage. Together with tourmaline and silicone, they are the recommended materials if you have normal to dry and damaged hair.

Plate Size

Hair straighteners come in different sizes in accordance with your hair length. A small hair straightener is a perfect choice for those who have short hair.

They will give you the ability to grab as close to the roots as possible, regardless of the length of your hair. These straighteners are usually no larger than one inch.

When a flat iron is bigger than one inch, it is automatically labeled as “large flat iron.” These are recommended for people that have longer hair to reduce the time spent straightening each strand. The wider the plate, the less time it will take to get the job done.

 plate size straightener

Temperature Settings

As mentioned, each hair type will need a different temperature setting. Fine or bleached hair will need to have a low setting available (around 350 degrees). Otherwise, you may cause damage to your hair that cannot be fixed.

On the other hand, natural hair will need higher temperatures if you want to have a chance at straightening those curls.

Make sure that your hair straightener has buttons that enable you to set the temperature manually. This way, if your sister with very bleached hair decides to use your straightener, she won’t end up with a strand of burned hair in her hands.

Weight/Ease of Use

How would it feel like to start straightening a mane of long, natural hair only to realize halfway that you can no longer hold your hands up because the thing is too heavy?

The best flat iron will be lightweight so that you will be able to easily use it whenever you need to flatten that unruly hair of yours.


Is it ionic? Is it infrared? Does it work on classic heat wave technology? These aspects are very important when it comes to choosing the best hair straightener.

Most of them – the good ones – have ionic technology behind them, but you may also benefit from an infrared one or a device that uses nanotechnology.

ionic hair straightener

These high-tech straighteners may sound overly fancy for you, but keep in mind that they are “high-tech” for a reason; they are the product of evolution, meant to keep your hair healthy for as long as possible.

Extra Features

When looking for a hair straightener, you may want to ask yourself this question: “What does this hair straightener have that other similar but cheaper ones don’t?”

Some hair straighteners, for instance, have a steam function that allows you to add moisture to your hair before and after using it – hydrating as you are straightening.

Other straighteners are cordless, which is very convenient when you don’t want to be stuck in front of a power source – especially when the mirror is on the other end of the room.

 curl your hair

If you are looking for a hair straightener that can also pass off as a curling iron, this is also something you may want to pay attention to.

For instance, a large hair straightener may not be able to curl your hair – and if it does, you’ll end up with large curls. If you want small curls, you may want to go for an equally small curling iron.

Be mindful of the shape. A curling iron that has its edges sticking out will not be able to act like a curling device properly, so choose one that is as circular as possible when looking for the best hair straightener.

Our Recommendations

Facts and tips aside, it’s still not easy to pick out the best straightener, considering there are so many options to choose from.

To make things easier for you, we searched through hair straightener reviews and narrowed down the more popular options that won the hearts (and hairs) of the users.

Best Hair Straightener For Thick Hair: BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium-Plated Straightening Iron

For those who have thick hair that can’t seem to be styled in any way possible, the titanium-plated flat iron manufactured by BaByliss is the best hair straightener and God’s gift to humanity.

What makes this different from the average hair straightener is the fact that these plates are covered with titanium, not ceramic.

Titanium may seem for many people a “harmful metal plate,” but in fact, it’s not that harmful at all. When it comes to those cheap straighteners you can find at the corner shop, you probably won’t notice a difference when it comes to hair straightening – but you’ll definitely see one when it comes to split ends.

With these titanium-plated irons, this is not the case. This device works on cool ultrasonic mist, a technology that turns water into a cool mist that will add shine and moisture to your hair.


One more thing that makes this the best hair straightener for thick hair is its plate width. Measuring a total of 5 inches, it is longer than your average hair straightener – which also means that you can grab more hair in one go.

While you may not be able to cut your hair straightening time in half, you’ll still be able to finish sooner than you normally would.

Due to its shape, this hair straightener is the perfect tool for curling your hair. In this aspect, you may choose a different size of this model, depending on the length of your hair.

If you want to get a good, fancy curl on your average-sized hair, you may go for the 1-inch model. However, if you have longer hair, perhaps you would benefit more from the 1.5-inch version.

This device can go up to 450 degrees, which also makes it the best hair straightener for curly hair. No matter how stubborn those curls are, they won’t stand a chance against the heat delivered by this item.

You can also adjust the temperature so that it’s suitable for your hair. Therefore, if you have finer hair, you’re also safe.



  • Titanium-coated plates will straighten even the curliest or thickest hair
  •  It can be used as a curling iron
  • It’s longer than your average hair straightener, so it makes the hair straightening process less time consuming
  • High temperature is not suitable for fine hair
  • Does not have an automatic shut off button

Best Hair Straightener For Fine Hair - Voloom Volumizing Hair Iron

The reason why this device is said to be the best hair straightener for fine hair is that it doesn’t have a normal “straight” plate. Instead, it’s equipped with patent-pending plates that will go in the under-layers of your hair.

The result will be a volumized structure based on “volume pockets” that will keep the hair away from the scalp.

Basically, every hair strand will be lifted away from the scalp and separated so that you can get that thick, sexy mane you have always dreamed of.

Voloom has plates that have been coated with ceramic, making it the best hair straightener for those that have damage-prone hair.

Some people have thick hair that can handle anything – but others have hair that will get split ends even by simply dragging the flat iron once on their hair.

Voloom Hair Volumizing Iron


The thing about this hair straightener is that it’s supposed to be used on the hair around the scalp – which has all the natural protective oils. It doesn’t need to be pulled down or used on the ends.

This is good because it protects your hair from damage. On the other hand, it’s inconvenient since it doesn’t straighten your whole hair. However, whether you pull it down or not is up to your own preferences.

Depending on your hair strength, you have the option of setting the temperature to your own convenience. Furthermore, you have a lock-unlock switch that will ensure the iron is always safely closed. This will ensure better storage of the device.

When adding volume, the straightener will create something that looks like a “waffle” pattern, which gives the impression of volume.

While the device can reach fairly high temperatures, the risk of damage to the hair is rather slim. This is thanks to the ceramic coating which makes it the best hair straightener for dull hair.



  • It can add volume to “lifeless” hair
  • Ceramic coating offers protection to damage-prone hair
  • It offers shine to the hair, locking the moisture in
  • Expensive compared to other hair straighteners
  • It has a fairly complicated learning curve

Best Hair Straightener For Dry Hair - Bio Ionic OnePass Straightening Iron

When you have dry, unruly hair, the last thing you probably want is to add more damage to it by subjecting it to heat. However, when you see how much your hairstyle is going out of control, you can’t help but want to do something about it.

This is exactly what Bio Ionic had in mind when they made the OnePass. With its nano-ceramic plates, this hair straightener can seep deep into the hair and straighten it without causing it any further damage.

What makes this hair straightener different from all the others is the fact that it has silicone strips incorporated within the plates. This will allow the straightener to heat up faster – which means you also won’t lose precious time straightening your hair.



Having the ability to heat up to 400 degrees, this hair straightener is great for those who have normal to dry or fine hair. You can also control the heat depending on your hair type with one press of the controller.

Other perks of this hair straightener include the long swivel cord. This is especially convenient if you are traveling or you are in a room where the power outlet is nowhere near the mirror.

The device also has lightweight plates which will prevent hand fatigue. This is especially convenient if you have long hair that takes a long time to straighten.

Furthermore, not only does it straighten your hair, but it also leaves it looking smooth, silky and shiny – without the crispy look that every person with dry hair is familiar with. It’s by far the best hair straightener for dry hair.



  • It heats up faster than your average hair straightener
  • Lightweight and doesn’t produce hand fatigue
  • Its shape makes it suitable for curling your hair
  • Silicone strips are prone to gathering dirt so that it will need frequent cleaning
  • Does not have an automatic shut-off option

Best Straightener For Damaged Hair - Remington S9950 Shine Therapy Hair Straightener

Flat irons are notorious for the damage that they deliver to your hair, which is why a lot of people try to avoid styling their hair with them.

However, this made many manufacturers try to come up with technologies that will actually reverse the damage, without having to rely on expensive hair styling products.

One such example is the S9950 Shine Therapy by Remington, which is said to give you back your shiny and healthy hair.



The technology uses natural conditioners that will prevent any damage to the hair cuticle, allowing it to hang onto the moisture.

Not only is this the best straightener for damaged hair, but it’s also a good choice if you have fine hair. The temperature can be controlled digitally, allowing you to go under 400 degrees if your hair is fine or prone to damage.

On the other hand, if you have thick hair, you can kick it up to the maximum on 430 degrees, and you’ll be all set.

The hair straightener automatically shuts off after 60 minutes, so if you leave the house and forget to turn it off, you won’t have to spend the entire day in fear that everything will burn down.

Overall, this is the best hair straightener if you have coarse hair. With its conditioning properties, it’s appreciated by women all around the world.



  • The maximum temperature of the hair straightener is suitable for most hair types
  • The long swivel cord will offer you a lot of maneuverability
  • The plates contain conditioners such as vitamin E and Avocado to hydrate your hair
  • The maximum temperature may not be high enough for those who have very curly hair
  • The body of the flat iron can get very hot, and it may burn you if you don’t handle it with care.

Best Professional Hair Straightener - Karmin G3 Salon Professional Hair Straightener

Every woman dreams of having those locks that seem to be straight out of a professional salon. For that reason, we treat our hair every day with countless masks, conditioners and natural remedies in the hope that something will work and make our hair look exactly like that.

However, something as simple as a hair straightener is enough to make your hair look like you just came out of the salon – no matter if you want to curl or straighten your hair.

Thanks to its fairly circular and slim shape, you can get some nice, sexy curls using this device.

The temperature can be adjusted to be perfect for any hair type. You can choose the minimum of 210 degrees if you have fine hair, or you can go for the maximum of 460 degrees if you have very thick or curly hair.



This is the best hair straightener for dry hair as well since it works with ions that will seal your natural oils in your hair, making it look sleek and shiny.

Furthermore, the infrared heat and negative ions will work to reduce static hair frizz, making you feel less “electric” and more “silky.”

Due to its slim shape, this hair straightener is perfect to be taken on your travels, since it fits smoothly in a pocket or between your clothes.

Moreover, the device has an automatic shut-off button, so if you somehow forget to turn it off, the device will “remember” it for you in one hour.

Last but not least, one more thing that you’ll love about this straightener is its tourmaline plates. Not only will they heat up right away, but they will also work in keeping the moisture locked in your hair.

It’s the best professional hair straightener if you want quick results that last a whole day without adding static energy to your hair.



  • It heats up quickly, making it time-efficient
  • Perfect for creating curls
  • Lightweight and easy to handle
  • The anti-slip edges are comfortable to hold
  • Perfect for all hair types
  • Plates may require a bit of force to join
  • The swivel cord is very long, and it might get tangled

Final Thoughts

It’s not that easy to choose the best hair straightener out there, but with a little bit of research, anyone can do it. All you will have to figure out is what type of hair you have and choose the flat iron accordingly.

Each of the straighteners mentioned above has their own unique technologies and will benefit you greatly – if chosen correctly.

Some of them are used to straighten; others are used to curl your hair as well. Some will flatten, others will add volume. Your choice depends on the features you are looking for in a straightener.

It doesn’t matter if you have fine hair that requires minimal heat or thick hair that needs very high temperatures; you have many options to pick from.

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