Best CHI Flat Iron 2019 – Top Picks and Reviews

Best CHI Flat Iron 2019 – Top Picks and Reviews
May 4, 2019 | HOT OFF THE PRESS, Press Releases

I think you will agree with me when I say:

“The CHI brand is one of the most well known producers of hair-care and hair-styling products on the market today.”

CHI flat iron reviews have shown this.

It is used all over the world, and in many different settings. You might find a CHI hair drier in someone’s bathroom, or you might find a CHI flat iron at a high class salon.

There really is no end to the ways that this company can help you tend to and style your hair. They produce beautiful, hard-working pieces that most women simply can’t afford to be without.

Even better, they offer options for women with all different types of hair, as well as those with a great deal or little experience using the tool itself.

With CHI products, they really focus on one thing, and one thing only: The best way to satisfy the customers, and the best ways to produce long-lasting, beautifully-styled hair in very little time, and with very little experience needed.
That’s one of the reasons CHI is such a beloved brand when it comes to hair care products.

And the CHI flat iron reviews have shown that it is working very well: Many women would recommend a CHI flat iron to their friends and family.

What could be a better endorsement than that?

Best CHI Flat Iron Reviews 2019
1. CHI Original Pro 1” – Ceramic Ionic Tourmaline
Basic But Powerful

CHI Original Pro 1” Ceramic Ionic Tourmaline Flat Iron
For those looking for a great deal on an otherwise expensive brand, the CHI Original Pro 1” Ceramic Ionic Tourmaline Flat Iron Hair Straightener is certainly the hair straightener for you. It is amazing, working wonders on all types of hair. Its high heat content, combined with the tourmaline ceramic that it uses, makes it a great choice in flat iron for both salon and at-home use.

Of course, most who are buying this product will be wanting it for home-use. And that’s perfect! The tourmaline ceramic that makes up the heating plates me emits a lot of negative ions, resulting in hair that is less frizzy, straighter, and more manageable. The high heat content, too, will boost the style’s hold, making it a great option to last all day.

The reviews for the CHI Original Pro are fairly solid: It seems to be a good flat iron that many people enjoy. The only negatives found were about the high heat content (which can be bad for certain hair types) and that it is a bit thin.

Beyond that, this is a great product!

Find more CHI Original Pro information and reviews here


Can be used to straighten, curl, or flip your hair.
Uses tourmaline ceramic for higher amounts of ions.
Comes with swivel cord for easy maneuvering.

The heat content is high, which can cause damage to hair.
A bit thin for a flat iron.

2. CHI PRO 1″ Ceramic – Keratin Gold with Free Gifts
The Golden Choice in Flat Irons

CHI PRO 1″ Ceramic Flat Iron in Keratin Gold with Free Gifts
The CHI PRO 1″ Ceramic Flat Iron in Keratin Gold is truly a beautiful option if you’re in the market for a flat iron. Not only does it have the same capabilities as other CHI products, but it is a stylish gold color. Another plus: It comes with a bonus hair treatment!

This straightener is perfect for those who want their style to last. The tourmaline plates used help your hairstyle to hold…for up to five whole days at a time! Many other flat irons produce styles that are gone by the end of the day, but not this one! The hair treatment, which contains the well-known ingredient keratin, will also make your hair look better, and will keep it styled longer.

The CHI PRO 1″ Ceramic Flat Iron in Keratin Gold is a great choice for the style-conscious who don’t want to put too much work into their hair’s appearance. The only downsides mentioned are a few instances of product failure, and mentions that the gold paint can flake off. Other than that, this product is perfect!

Buy CHI PRO 1″ Ceramic Flat Iron in Keratin Gold here


Comes with a bonus hair treatment.
Styles may last up to five days.
A very stylish option; you don’t have to hide this away!

Gold paint can chip off.
There have been reports of product and plate failure.

3. CHI Original Flat Iron – Ceramic Ionic Tourmaline Hairstyling Iron 1 Inch
An All-Purpose Iron

CHI Original Flat Iron
CHI Original Flat Iron is a great choice of flat iron for anyone from beginners to experts. It’s a salon-quality flat iron, made with tourmaline ceramic that is infused with silk, for smooth, healthy hair. The plates are an inch wide, perfect for use on bangs.

This is a flat iron that is great for beginners. Not only is it easy to use, it is designed so that it isn’t as damaging to hair as other hair straighteners might be. The silk infused tourmaline plates will leave hair sleek and shiny, while cutting out the frizz.

The only real downside that might be a problem is the lack of an automatic shutoff system. Those with very thick hair might experience a bit of problems with the width of the plates, but it is certainly usable.

For those who are new to using flat irons, you couldn’t ask for a better one. The usability, combined with the quick heating, means that it works beautifully, even in less than talented hands.

Find more CHI Original information and reviews here


Infused with silk for smoother hair.
Narrow enough to use on bangs.
Quick, flash heating.

Doesn’t have an automatic shutoff system.
Can be difficult to use on thick hair.

4. Pink CHI Flat Iron– Metallic Lace Flattening Iron
Beauty and Power

CHI Pink Metallic Lace Flattening Iron The CHI Pink Metallic Lace Flattening Iron is another great product from CHI. The most notable feature is its appearance: This is really a flat iron that you don’t have to worry about hiding when guests come around! But it isn’t just a pretty hair straightener. It’s a workhorse, using high heat to get the perfect hair style.

This is really a hair straightener that almost anyone can use. You certainly don’t have to be a hair stylist to use it to straighten, curl, or flip your hair!

However, if you’re very new to using flat irons, you should really consider watching a few tutorials or taking it easy the first time you use this product. It has a high heat setting, which is great for producing hold, but can also cause hair damage if applied for too long.

All-in-all, the CHI Pink Metallic Lace Flattening Iron is a great option for nearly everyone. Besides being beautiful, it’s also very powerful, producing long-lasting styles and fantastic hold. However, it can be damaging if you use it without doing a little homework. Still a great product, though!

Buy CHI Pink Metallic Lace Flattening Iron here


This is a very stylish model.
Gets very hot, for better hold.
Can be used to straighten, curl, and flip hair.

High heat can be damaging on hair.

5. CHI Titanium Flat Iron – ¾ Inch Titanium Volumizing Iron
Rule Your Universe

CHI Pro ¾ Inch Titanium Volumizing Iron- Miss Universe CHI Pro ¾ Inch Titanium Volumizing Iron- Miss Universe is a wonderful tool for those who want something that can do it all. Not only does it straighten your hair, it can also be used to curl and flip it! The thin plates are very precise, and the color is so stylish, you’ll never put it up!

The main feature of this product is definitely the curved plates, rather unique amongst hair straighteners. This will give your hair volume while you straighten it, so it will be beautiful and sleek, but not flat and lank! The high heat content is great, producing hold, as well.

This flat iron is perfect for those with a bit of experience straightening their hair, or who are willing to do a bit of homework beforehand. The high heat could possibly produce a problem. Women with thicker hair might find it a bit tedious, as well.

All-in-all, the CHI Pro ¾ Inch Titanium Volumizing Iron- Miss Universe is a great product for almost everyone. The curved plates add volume, while the high heat setting adds hold. It’s definitely worth investing in one!

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