BaBylissPRO Hair Straightener Review

BaBylissPRO Nano Hair Straightener Review

When you have thick hair, you are already familiar with the struggles of passing the iron over a hair lock multiple times until you managed to get it straight.

This goes double if your hair is also curly; you pass and pass until you feel like you spent half a day only to style your hair.

Stubborn hair needs something with the ability to deal with that stubbornness, and what better material than titanium to do so? That’s why a lot of people are turning to BaBylissPRO’s titanium plates.

Introducing The BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Technology

With its ultrasonic cool mist technology, the BaByliss Nano Titanium hair straightener is the perfect tool to tame a mane of unruly hair. Sure, we like thick hair – but when it goes in every direction possible, it’s no longer that pleasant to deal with.

That’s why the Nano Titanium seems such a great catch; working with an ultrasonic technology, this device can turn water into a cool mist, adding, therefore, moisture within the hair.

The result will be maximum shine and sleek hair that is smooth to the touch – all for an extended time.

With its slim design of only 1¼ inches, you can easily use this device like a hair curler as well – if you want some nice, loose waves. Furthermore, it’s perfect for those who have long hair, since you’ll have more coverage over the hair strand.

Here is a summary of the features you can enjoy with BaByliss:


  • Ultra smooth 100% titanium plates that are corrosion-resistant and permit ultra-high heat conductivity
  • LED temperature settings that can go as high as 450 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Ultrasonic cool mist technology that locks the moisture in your hair
  • Separate controls for the ultrasonic and heat features
  • Detachable cartridge
  • The casing is resistant to ultra-high levels of heat

The Nano Titanium is part of the “Premium” category, and it has all it takes to offer you that smooth and sleek style you have always dreamed of.

The Results

As someone who has always had thick hair, this was a real time saver. I used to sit for more than half an hour in front of the mirror trying to style my hair with a ceramic straightener – which was fairly good but still took me some time.

At some point, I had to change my flat iron, and after reading several reviews, I decided on this one. At first, I was scared about the fact that it had titanium plates – because I knew that metal was bad for your hair. Obviously, this does not apply to titanium.

I’ve been straightening my hair with this for a while now, and I haven’t noticed an increase in burned hair.

babyliss pro nano titanium iron hairstraightener

Plus, the plates are long enough to provide more coverage for my hair, but also slim enough to act as a hair curler in case one day I want to be a fancy diva with nice curls.

You may want to be careful while holding the iron, because it can get pretty hot very fast. Also, pay attention when styling your hair since high temperatures can be damaging if your hair is normal to fine.

The hair straightener is versatile, efficient, and leaves my hair smooth to the touch. It definitely passed my test.

What Other People Say

A lot of women with thick hair used this hair straightener – and most of them were African American with tremendous amounts of curls. They claim that the plates can get hot enough to straighten even the thickest of hair – and that it also stays that way until you wash or wet it.

Those who have frizzy hair also found use in this hair straightener, since it can make it shiny and smooth again.

They do claim that if you have fine hair, this may not be the hair straightener for you; the hot titanium plates may burn even with the lowest temperature, which is why they do not recommend it if you have previously bleached your hair.

What We Liked

This hair straightener is a great device that can be used as both a flat iron and a curling wand. As a result, no matter if you want perfectly straight hair or beautiful curls, this will be all you’ll need.

I also liked the texture that my hair has after I have straighten it; it no longer feels coarse and frizzy, but tamed and smooth. Plus, it doesn’t take long to do so – just a pull or two – which makes this device fast to use as well.

The titanium plates also seem to be made to last. The surface is scratch-resistant and smooth, making sure that the pressure inflicts little to no damage to your hair.

What We Didn’t Like

As mentioned, the “lowest” temperature is not very low. If you have fine hair, this straightener may end up frying your hair. Perhaps they may want to work on the temperature setting so that people with fine hair can use it too.

BabylissProNanoTitanium Hair Straightener

Buying Advice

I got this from Amazon for a little under $140, and I also got free shipping out of it.

Also, from experience, I know that there are times when you can get coupon codes and discounts. All you’ll have to do is talk to the seller or stalk the product for a while.

Final Thoughts

If you have thick or curly hair that is not easily tamed, then this straightening iron is exactly what you need.

It has the strength of a titan, and it will get the job done without inflicting damage to your hair – as long as you take proper care of it (for instance, using heat protection sprays beforehand).

For me, this is a hair straightener that offers many possibilities. It can straighten my hair, curl it, crimple it – all while still allowing my hair to retain its shine. I’d definitely recommend it for the ladies who have thick, coarse hair.

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